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Altveda is a dream of wellness enthusiasts that has come true. With Altveda, our ambition is to promote health and well-being using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. We aspire to provide you with the natural healers and herbal supplements that have the potential to transform and rejuvenate your lifestyle.

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It’s an amazing Shatavari

Am loving this product so much . It’s a complete natural product .if you are looking for something that don’t have any side effects as well as it also relieves the stress and will give the best result as it claims

Rakhi Sharma

We make it naturally without any preservatives

If there is a problem in nature, then there is also a solution to it. Our lifestyle sometimes teases us with problems of body and mind, but we must not worry because mother earth has bestowed us with the means to fight back and heal ourselves. Our nature is cached with waiting-to-be-used healing agents that have the potential to solve all our health related problems, so why not use them for our advantage.

Ayurvedic & Natural Health Supplements for you

Choose what you need from our curated collection of carefully tested home grown plant based herbal supplements which are safe to use with no side-effects as they are coming directly from mother earth. These plants provide all essential vitamins, minerals & nutrients for healthy & balanced functioning of our body & mind. These plants are Superfood due to their miraculous effects on human life. For Example –

  • Our Moringa capsule can be used for any kind of malnutrition or muscle recovery. It also enhances skin, hair & eyes health. It is safe for diabetics also.
  • Our Ashwagandha capsule supplement can be used to gain everyday energy & to reduce stress specific to men but of course safe for all. It is also diabetic friendly.
  • Our Amla supplement can be used to improve metabolism, digestion & essential vitamins which as a result improves your skin, hair & eyes health. Very good supplement for diabetics.
  • Shatavari capsule supplement can be used as overall health tonic for women to take of their hormonal balance & everyday stress. Very highly recommended for breast feeding.
  • Curcumin in our Golden Healer (Turmeric capsule) supplement is perfect natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant. It helps in reliving pain due to increasing age. Additionally black pepper enhances absorption of curcumin in your body to manifolds.
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