The information provided on this website of the Altveda brand in the form of, or through, product descriptions and blog posts is based on the accepted standard of usage and knowledge proposed by the traditional Ayurveda system of well-being, and must not in any case be used as a substitute to the advice and prescription provided by a practicing medical doctor or health care professional. 

Altveda does not claim any rights whatsoever to any information or assertion, in part or as a whole, provided on the website quoting external sources or referencing external sources using external links; the information is only shared in order to give a general idea or background about the products or the ingredients used in those products. 

Altveda also does not make any claims whatsoever that the products discussed and sold through its website provide absolute cure or effective relief for any disease or illness or medical condition of any kind. Our products are dietary supplements and must be perceived and used in that capacity only, neither are they meant to be used as medications nor Altveda claims them to be medications. Hence the products sold through Altveda’s website must not be substituted for prescribed medications.



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