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What makes the Altveda products so special?

Altveda products are made using the extracts of ingredients instead of their powdered form. This makes them many folds more concentrated, and thus, more effective.


Are the products Non-GMO?

Yes, Altveda products do not, at any point in the production process, use any ingredient that is genetically modified (GMO). They are 100% Non-GMO.


What kind of capsule is used for the products?

Capsules used in many products by different brands are usually made of Gelatin which has animal based origins. Altveda uses cellulose based capsules which are vegetarian in nature.


Are these products vegan or vegetarian?

Yes, All the Altveda products are vegan and vegetarian in nature. Both, ingredients and capsules that are used are plant-based, and thus, 100% vegan and vegetarian.


Should these products be used as a substitute for prescribed medicines?

No, Altveda products are not medicinal products. These products are to be used only as dietary supplements and must not be used as substitutes for prescribed medicines. People with serious diseases should consult their doctors regarding consumption of these products along with their usual medications.


Are these products gluten-free?

Yes, Altveda products are 100% gluten-free. Gluten is a general term used to refer to proteins that acts as binding agents in wheat, rye, barley and oats, and no such products are used in the production of Altveda products.


Is it safe using these products and do they have any side effects?

Yes, it is completely safe to consume Altveda products as they are made from extracts of certain herbs. They do not have side effects because the ingredients are not synthetic or chemical based and are 100% natural.

Different herbs have different nature, some naturally have cooling or heat producing effects, and thus it is generally advised to consult a medical doctor before deciding to take them, especially in case if a person has diseases of serious nature.


Who can consume these products?

As these products are 100% natural, anybody can consume them. But it is generally advised to consult a medical doctor in case the person who is going to consume these products is an infant, elderly, severely ill, or pregnant or lactating woman.


Does the consumption of these products guarantee the health benefits mentioned in their descriptions?

Altveda does not claim any guaranteed health benefits or cures as health depends on many different factors and these are not medicinal products. These products are to be used as dietary supplements and are backed by the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and are tested by carefully conducted scientific studies. These products are focused on improving overall health and lifestyle and not on curing diseases.

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